Elena is an actress, voice over artist and theatre maker. She was born in Seville, Spain, and currently works between London and Madrid. She started training as an actress when she was only 13, and at 16 she went on tour to Cuba with a production of Blood Wedding. She then trained professionally at RESAD (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático) in Madrid, where she graduated in 2012 in Text Acting. 

In 2015 Elena moved to London, where she has worked in theatre and film. She has collaborated in several occasions with The Spanish Theatre company and she is a member of the non illusionary theatre company Degenerate Fox, where she writes, directs and performs for the show The Dirty Thirty. In 2018 she co-wrote the play Olives and Tea, which she showed at the Edinburgh Fringe that year. In 2019 she went back to the Fringe with the two-hander Illegal, with Scandal Theatre. 

She has starred on the feature films The Takedown, No te supe perder and Las mujeres de Cervantes.